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What is the drawing course about?

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Drawing Course – TCV. – Tibetan Children Village /India 2014./

Color Drawing Course /India 2014/:

Basic Drawing Course /India 2014/:

Our four day courses: improve approach, change attitude and support self-expression.


You can see a short movie about our color drawing workshop in Auroville here /India 2013/:


Here you can enjoy the short movie about the drawing course in Auroville /India 2013/:


You can see a recording made on our course HERE.

(Available english subtitle)

In a special, yet simple series of exercises we will show you a new way of perception, a new kind of sight. With tasks that are way too unusual for the left hemisphere we activate our brain’s right side. We further developed the already great method of right brain hemisphere drawing training with personality development and self-knowledge techniques we learned from accomplished instructors all around the world.

The drawing, which is a recognizable self-portrait at the end of the fourth day is a great joy, but the real significance of this course lies in learning a new perception that can be used in any other area of life. With it, we get closer to ourselves and live the experience of self-expression and the state of thoughtlessness which are all very important in the high-speed world of today.

We help this inner journey during our courses with special exercises.



What do those say who took part in our course?

  • drawing becomes a joyful experience/ you’ll learn how to draw a portrait.
  • you get to know yourself from a new side.
  • your acceptance grows towards yourself and the world.
  • you’ll learn a new kind of perception
  • you’re problem solving capacity increases
  • you will have a fuller personality
  • you will be more empathetic
  • you will live the joy of self-expression
  • your self-confidence will grow
  • you will develop a kind of artistic pont of view
  • you will see different connections in the world
  • your creativity will soar
  • your intuition will develop
  • you will make a great step in your personality development
  • you will get a new hobby.

“Playing is the highest form of research” – Einstein

Who can take part in our courses?

Anyone who is over 13 years of age, can read and write – gender, profession and drawing ability doesn’t matter. However, it is really important that you have: personal motivation, the desire to develop, to experience something new.

You can see pictures about the program here


Contact with us: info@rajztanfolyam.com  telephone: +36-30-280-90-90 



What programs will you find? 


Creative drawing course on the right side of the brain /4 days.

You will be the most surprised from the changes you make during the drawing course.

Drawing is an external path that is visible, and the internal change truly takes place… Drawing makes you seen!

If you can read and write, the basic drawing course will have an effect on you – even if you always thought you will never be able to learn how to draw.

What is it about?

We aimed to harmonize the body, soul and spirit.

We took the method of “Drawing on the right side of the brain” (which was first mentioned by Betty Edwards) and combined it with further methods we learnt from Indian and Canadian painters, and other self-knowledge and personality development techniques. We also pay special attention to those elements that are important and fundamental yet commonly forgotten in the everydays: the importance of breathing, smiling, thoughts and exercise.

To who do we suggest it to? From age 12 to 99

– to those who like to draw and would like to get to know a new kind of sight in order to add futher variety to their drawings

– to those who don’t know how to draw at all but are interested in what lies latent in them.

Watch the pictures HERE where you can see the differences in the pictures between the first and the fourth day.


Creative coloured drawing course, 4days. 

What is it about?

In our four day course we introduce you to the coloured drawing techniques. First we create drawings that improve self-knowledge by expressing emotions and boosting self-confidence. Then we discuss the theory of color, mix colors and draw various pictures and still-life.

What do we create with?

Coloured pencils, oil pastel, aquarelle pencils, powder pastel, crayons.

Who do we recommend it to? From the age of 13 to 99.

– it is also for those who took part in our drawing course and feel attracted to colors

– and also for those who are interested in colors, but are taking part in our programs for the first time.

The exercises help in expressing emotions externally in a drawing, developing creativity and self-expression, and strengthening acceptance and group-spirit.

You can see pictures about the program here


Colour painting course, 4 days.

What is it about?

The excercises targeting color mixing and color combining are usefull for novice and experienced painters alike.

Painting and drawing is a fantastic way for freshening up your creativity and try out new viewpoints and techniques. During this four days you will learn how to use colors in your creations.

What do we create with?

During our course we use acrylic paints because these are great for expressing the mood of a picture, can also be applied in thick layers, and are quick to dry.

Who do we recommend it to? From the age of 12 to 99.

– for those who took part in the basic drawing course and have learnt the new kind of sight taught there.

You can see pictures about the painting course here.

Would you like to see the world even more colorful and interesting?

During our courses we create an environment, use tools and do playful exercises and breathing exercises that together boosts the function of the right hemisphere and harmonizes the function of the two hemispheres of the brain.

During our programs you can experience and develop your creativity through drawing. In our programs instead of the left hemisphere that is responsible for rationality and logical thinking we focus on the right hemisphere that is responsible for creativity and intuition. When we create a balance in the function of the two brain hemispheres we also create an internal balance that effects our quality of life.

During our programs you will relive the long-forgotten taste of being lost and absorbed in creation that was natural when you were a child.

During the programs an infinite space opens up for you and time just stops.


Contact with us: info@rajztanfolyam.com  telephone: +36-30-280-90-90 



Who are we?


Bajczi Marianna

Zabó Kitti










Two of us lead the courses:  Marianna Bajczi and Kitti Zabó.

Other then the usual courses for the Hungarian public

we work also in the following areas:

-been teaching for a Haiti Community in Paris july 2017.

-since 2016 we do handmade Gourd Lamps (Zen in Light) and also giving workshops about how to make it.

-we work as Creatitivy Coaches: including Art Teraphy exercises, improve creativity and many more special programs

-we been teaching in Saigon, VietNam in 2016-2017

-Between 2012 and 2015 we spent all together more then 1 year in India. We were in Auroville (India) to do the color and drawing courses to teaching international groups.In a center teaching spirituality and art where we learnt from an international team and we also taught (with great success). Amongst other very interesting and colorful programs we learnt different ways of drawing and painting from Canadain, Indian, an Korean artists. We took part in various international programs, conferences and trainings that further developed our individuality and perception. Today we do our courses incorporating the best from what we learnt around the world.

-In 2014 we also had workshop in North-India by a Tibetan Children Orphanage which belongs to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

– In june 2015 we started a cooperation with Hungyary’s most strictest prison. We teach from there 20 sentenced prisoners. So since june this also became part of our job

– and we worked with psychiatric (schizophrenic) patients. It was a truly unusual and definitive experience. /You can read more about this here: Why is it interesting to activate the right side of the brain i.e in a therapy?  

It is our belief and conviction that each and everyone of us is capable of  creating something new, even if this is not what he or she thinks in her current situation.

Our mission is to open everyone, young and old, to the adventures of conscious, creative self-expression that develop and enrich their way of life.

We would also like to take the joy of creativity and self-expression even to those who, either because of their life situation or the childhood behavioral patterns, live these in a very low level.

Our primary task, other then to improve the harmony between the body, soul and spirit is to show this joy-based mode of development to others.

To give a taste of the feeling: if you didn’t think you can make such drawings in just four days, how many other areas in your life are you thinking in a similar way, without any real reason.

We think with great gratitude of those who supported and reassured us along the way.

It will be our pleasure to meet with you personally and make Your life more colorful with our course.

It is a wonderful feeling when you start a drawing, get absorbed in it, and then you just realize that several hours have passed… and get simply lost in time.


What is our goal?

We would like to take this mode of self-expression and this new kind of sight to more and more people who would like to express themselves better. We have several thousand declerations and TV interviews to prove that this change – which also effects your life in a very special way – is possible in a very high percentage of the participants.


We would like to give values to the participants: with these they can be more satisfied, carry them independent from everyone else, and thus live a life with greater peace (with themselves and with others), and find more joy in self-expression and creation.



Why is it interesting to activate the right side of the brain i.e. in a therapy? 

“All the so called psychiatric illnesses: are a flower of fear”. In psychiatry there is no them and us!” /András Feldmár  A hungarian psychologist and psychotherapist now living in Canada.

We were the first ones inHungaryto do a 5 day long creative drawing course with a therapeutic purpose together with healthy and psychiatric (skizofrenic) participants. It was the declared intention of the Psychiatric Association of Veszprém to activate the participant’s right brain hemishphere so new possibilites open up to them, boost their confidence, and also give them a community experience. Our drawing course designed to set the brain’s right hemisphere in motion went on in great spirit, with a wonderful sense of community, and really special creations were born.

We reached great results to everyone’s satisfaction. We are in constant contact ever since and get feedback saying that this special definitive experience still effects the patient’s thinking and behavior.

We think that if the method we teach works with such an effectiveness with the mentally ill people, it could also be great help to other communities who are living difficult times.

You can see a part of the TV recording with Dr. Zsuzsanna Veres and Dr. Lajos Balczár (available with english subtitle)  here.


More about creativity in therapy: The healing power of art.


 /article –  More info here


– Why is a different kind of thinking so important?

Daniel H. Pink : A whole new mind – excerpt

Think of the last 150 years as a three-act drama. In Act I, the Industrial Age, massive factories and efficient assembly lines powered the economy. The lead character in this act was the mass production worker, whose cardinal traits were physical strength and personal fortitude.

More info here:

More about the function and importance of the right/left hemisphere:

In the 1960-s an American psyco-biologist Roger W. Sperry did research on the difference in thinking and function of the right and left brainhemispheres. He discovered that the human brain functions in two very different ways. One (the right hemisphere) controls the visual processes and intuitive information handling, and sees the whole picture, and then focuses on the details. The other (the left hemisphere) is the verbal which perceives the processes analytically, first dealing with the part and then with the whole. Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 however later researches showed that things are not as simple as they thought.

More info here:


Thank you for your attention and interest in our activity! You should know that we are open to give these courses in any country – maybe in  areas similar to our past experiences – or if you have a new idea (place, community, club) that you think we should try, we would greatly appreciate an e-mail to the following address:

e-mail: info@rajztanfolyam.com  telephone: +36-30-280-90-90



Opinions about the couses:

“Thank you for the drawing course. Because of all of us we can drawing well. We can enjoy it! I strongly agree that drawing is like a meditation. All of the art when we attend to do like a meditation, we would be better then before… I really appreciate to Marianne and Kitty and all of us!”
Sun Mi (Korea)

“Good way of perception world and drawing. Intense and fully arrenged. Motivating, relaxing.”
Mariusz (Poland)

“This was intense and short in th same time. I will draw something everyday! Lot of love and happiness”:
Yaelle (France)

“Thanks to:
-quiet my mind
-teach me what I can do
-make me proud of myself
-remove me from reality
-help me to go further
Why are not the classes for 21 days :-)?? Thank you for everything!”
Marie-Noelle (France)

“Thank you both so much for sharing your wisdom, support and humor with us. I appreciate the opportunity to discover solutions to the challenges you presented to us, and the opportunity to see how my course-mates solved the same problems. We have all the answers within us, but we rarely sit down and make the effort. Best wishes, many thanks!”
Jesse (USA – New Jersey)

“I enjoyed the course really… What you do is authentic, for me you were authentic and inspiering! This 4 days were the best since a long while and that means something isn’t it :-)?! The result of the course was amazing so just go further!”
Alexander (Germany)

“I don’t have the right words but I can say that you opened a new door for me with your passion kindness. The 4 days were perfect. It was very nice to listen your words. Thank you a lot!”
Alma (Germany)

“I think the course was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. When You teach us…..You teach us in silence. Thank You!”
Tenzin (Tibet)

“I feel that after this 4 days it reallychanged somethings in my brain. My brain seems like more quiet and I am relaxed when I wake up in the morning. So, feel it’s really helpful for me and of course I learned many technic which will improve my drawing. Thank You for being so patiente. And welcome again here in India :-)! Great work!”
Namgyal (Tibet)

“Thank You for giving me the possibility to learn a new way to express my self trought drawing. Sharing experiences are so important to progress in life, to keep people closer and make to the unity. I learn from all of You, Your teaching were for me comprehensive. Thank You!”
Loretta (Switzerland)

“Thank You very much for letting me part of your life for this 4 days. Thank You for bringing out my hidden talent inside of me .Thank You for teaching me the lesson of my life. Most importantly thank You for lighting up the fire within me. I will always remember these 4 days… You are my Guru :-)!”
Suresh (India, Auroville)

“I enjoyed learning those very precise techniques, how to observe and draw, how to use various materials, wich I did not know before what to do with them… Thank You!”
Flore (France)


“May all people get the chance to get in contact with this wonderful method.  Life is beautiful :-)!”
Hamsini (Algeria)

“ A great challenge, esspecially the cleansing on the first day.”
Mark (USA)

“Thank you for the intense 4 days of drawing course. Doing what I did not know how to do before, and seeing the progress was a very encouraging and opening new possibilities, experience.  I felt good to have this experience and guided by professional facilitators trough this process. The great result of the course not just the drawing but also is a great help to look at the world differently and approach life in a more relaxed, playful and creative way. Thank you.”
Anita (Latvia)

“I truly enjoyed this workshop and I am very grateful. It was a great chance for me to make art for myself and it reawakened an interest in drawing from reality after many years of making mostly abstract art. Thank you for your patience and warmth and for the inspiration! “
Krupa (India – Auroville)

“It was a very useful and teaching for me. It was not what I was suspecting, it was more playful use with the right side of the brain. Really new experiences. I really enjoyed to be in the garden to draw the backroundings of the plant.”
Liisa (Norway)

“I’m grateful for this experience and thank you for sharing this magic, but now I’m already know it’s a real world of colors. I feel that I am able to consider more and more the significence of the colors and their meaning to me. I appriciate your knowledge and your teaching. I felt your inner peace, trust, sharing. Thanks!”
Loretta (Switzerland)

“GREAT! Thank you :)!”
Isha (France)

“Thanks once again for this wonderful opportunity, to bring out the talent in me. I am normaly a person who is so lazy. This kind of “kick” helps me to realize I should wake up and move. Such a wonderful time again. Thank you!” Love,
Raman (India-Auroville)

“With the chosen portrait – landscape- I liked so much the watercolors I like to work with them. I will try at home more. It was a good exercise, peace for me. I liked the musics also very much. I’m grateful for the course.”
Frida (Germany)

“The course was interesting as I learned the combinations of the basic colors and when it came to the last picture getting the correct shades was pretty easy.”
Shakuntala (India- Auroville)

“Drawing is the same as the meditation! You teached me for this very important thing. It was very impressive course. Also I enjoyed very much the world of the colors. I’m so happy. Thank you  lot.”
Sun mi Jun (Korea)

“I had a great time, for few years I stoped painting and I’m grateful for having this experience to use my passion again! Also it was a joy to study with you, you gived me not just colors but also new thoughts and extra experience! Thanks for everything”
Dafna (Israel)

“It was a good experience, because I could fully concentrate on 1 thing and what come out… is a beauty. I am very happy to discover that I can create something beautiful with colors. Now I feel there are more colors in my life, consciously. Thanks for encouraging.”
Milena (Italy)

“Well what to say… thanks one more time for this deep experience into colorful dreams! Waiting for you next year for a new emotion! P.S.: 5 days workshop next :)!” Love:
Cinzia (Italy)

“I have appreciated and i keep a good memory about this course!” With love:


Contact with us: info@zenpen.hu  telephone: +36-30-280-90-90





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